Published on December 7, 2004 By simonclarke2000 In Blogging
Well, after wakeing up saturday and spending the morning being bored, we decided to go shopping, craig needed some shoes i wanted a phone and some aftershave....
Well, we got a bus in to town, not having a clue where we were going and we ended up on the other side of the river, which was cool, it took us to a different shoppign centre which we had never seen before, so we walked for a bit, and realised that maybe it was the wrong time to come out shopping.......


well, every man, woman, kid, dog, and there pets were out shopping there were hundreds, ok not just hundreds but thousands of people shopping, and all seemed to be heading the same way, the way we wanted to go! LOL, well to make things interesting we were like part of the crowd, ok we were a part of the crowd, but we cudnt move away from them we were stuck, like we were marching to our doom, they even had police telling people which way to go, ive never been in a human jam before, it was kinda interesting
or maybe not....

anyway after getting out of the 'Jam' we went to get some lunch, craig found some decent shoes for like 40 euro's, we then went in search of phones and smelly's LOL, so walking around we went in to boots, and i saw some issey Miyake, i decided to buy it but it was a little expensive! like 80 euro's!,
I then found a nice phone the new Noika N-gage QD, for like 199 Euro's which is a really good price so i got one, and now can spend days playing on the sims and tony hawk's! woopy woo!!!!......

on Dec 11, 2004
hey simon..when i come to ireland you can take me shopping...i'll show you how to use your credit card! hehe
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