Published on December 7, 2004 By simonclarke2000 In Blogging
Well, im sorry for not posting for a few days, ive been busy to say the least, ints tuesday today, and ive been busy very busy LOL,
Well the weekend, craig and i went to our local bar(which we have now found out is called O'Dwyers La dolce Villa, ) thursday night i think was uneventfull think we just stayed in, but my memory doesnt stretch back that far,

friday we dressed up and went to the local, and found out it has a 'cheasy' night club downstairs, and to say cheasey would be an understatement but it was wicked, had such a laugh!, only had a few drinks but a little while later it was time to leave, so we decided to walk in to town to get some food, after walking around for a bit, we ended up at burger king, what a nice change, we get away form the uk, and still get this rubbish american fast food rubbish shoved down our necks, our choise i spose!,... neways what a night, ended in sleeping after some fun, im sure there will be more nights like this.

on Dec 11, 2004 get the same crappy food like bk or mcdonalds where ever you go to!
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