Published on December 3, 2004 By simonclarke2000 In Blogging
well im posting this a day late, because ive been busy!.
Last night (wednesday) craig and i went for a pint of guiness and a meal, it was quiet good, but one pint lend in to a few more, luckily we were actually very good, i think its the whole new country test the waters out, im sure the future will ave more drunken antics (only at weekends though!), but still we ended up chatting up some luvly irish girls at the bar, kept sending them drinks they hadnt a clue who it was from!, the day was really un eventfull(thursday), i got up for work, and then found out poor old craigy had food poisoning, and no before u ask he WAS NOT hungover, poor bloke had some fish platter not sure what it was, he said it smelt weird when he was eating it, but well the next day (thursday) i go off to work on my own, and had quiet a succesful day, was very busy, but what else do u expect! i got back to the hotel about 7:30pm, very tired and craig was slightly better then, i went straight to my room and crashed out, was zonked! i then proceeded to order a pizza, garlic bread and bottle of coke, which i was told would be forty minutes, about 10/15 later it was here, made my day! until i found out it was 22.50 euro's! i suppose that isnt to bad really!, neway i ate the pizza, foned the family, said goodnight and slept........

on Dec 11, 2004
aww poor craig...hope he gets better soon! im glad ya having fun simon, and thanks for my 7:30 phone call in the mornings to make sure i'm up for school love you (k)
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